• Ian Broughton

A perspective on being curious No.8 of 26: Ensure everyone’s creativity is laser focused

In my experience 95% of creative ideas deliver incremental value to existing products, services or experiences – it’s where organisations feel comfortable with the level of risk versus reward. The other 5% have the potential to be a ‘game-changer’ (moonshots) delivering exception value, but the risk is considered much higher; and there is nothing wrong with this. However, in recent years all the talk and buzz has mainly been about the later. This has resulted in ‘random acts of innovation’ with a lot of people wanting to spend a lot of time on a lot of crazy ideas, using a lot of valuable resources without properly framing the challenge they should be solving. In the long term, the cost of doing this is not sustainable for a business – even moonshots should first start with defining the status quo and challenge to be tackled, and then reframing it in a way that everyone agrees on what they are trying to solve, while making sure everyone is excited about the desired state and its related value.

I’m suggesting that innovators should start by determining if it’s a customer, process or data orientated challenge that they are looking to solve; then mapping the associated ‘as is’ behaviours or tasks while adding detailed levels to explore the driving factors behind the current state, ultimately pinpointing the root cause of the challenge. At this point everyone can agree on what they want as a ’desired future state’, which sets the foundation to be laser focused when it comes to creative ‘ideas’….be they incremental or crazy moonshots.

So, how else can we ensure everyone's creativity is laser focused?

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