• Ian Broughton

A perspective on being curious - No.6 of 26: Fuel the journey

In ‘perspective 5’ I talked about the need to only focus on solving those challenges that we can be confident are going to positively affect a financial variable; but it’s also incredibly important to take this information and ensure proper utilization of time and resources to ‘fuel the journey’ of taking an idea through to execution. As such, there needs to be regular milestones and check-in points allowing teams and leaders to balance maximum return with an efficient use of resources, while still creating an environment that allows room for fun, creativity and passion.

Ultimately, this is about ensuring a feeling of accomplishment when an idea is executed in the marketplace and delivering the anticipated value to the organisation and its customers.

So, how else can we allocate the appropriate time and resources to maximise curiosity, whilst delivering the expected outcome?

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