• Ian Broughton

A perspective on being curious: No.4 of 26: Empower action

Many leaders have been tasked with thinking differently, which is easier said than done. Leaders know they need to be curious about how they can improve products/services, but as we all know they have limited time, and indeed resources that can be focused on being curious. Therefore, they need to empower people to take action only on ideas that are going to give them the desired results. My business leader for innovation design often asks me; “Ian, is the juice worth the squeeze?” If the answer is either ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’ you can bet I will NOT be working on it for very much longer.

To answer the ‘juice’ question we must give people a forum to request and justify the time required to pursue their curiosity, while ensuring leaders stay involved through a series of decision milestones as they work towards getting an idea executed.

So, how else can we encourage people to feel they have the power to change the status quo, and get the support they need to take action?