• Ian Broughton

A perspective on being curious: No.3 of 26: Set a foundation

Five to seven years ago people sought out ‘action-leadership’, not just ‘thought-leadership’ when it came to being curious about how they could improve products/services. They began experimenting with a wide variety of frameworks, methods and tools as they attempted to stitch together a process that would allow them to get ideas executed in the marketplace. For example, customer journey mapping sessions put the customer at the centre of their thinking, but many where left asking themselves; “that was lovely, now what should I do with these ideas…what should I do now?”.

Those same people are still looking for structured step-by-step process for generating and executing ideas in a large organisational setting. Ultimately, the approach I’m suggesting is one of industrialized innovation, a foundation if you will, which is an ingrained part of an organisations' DNA and culture.

So, what else do we need to consider in order to ‘set the foundation’ for being curious?