• Ian Broughton

Perspective No.1 of 26: Uncover the ‘right’ challenges

TRegardless of whether I talk to senior executives, functional managers or their team members they all have challenges, but most lack the ability to co-ordinate, discuss and prioritise them at an organisational level, based on the value of solving them. Challenges will also overlap and if you could find a way to identify patterns or overarching themes it would allow for a more organised approach to solving the ‘right’ challenges that would deliver the most value. Many have set up initiatives like innovation hubs, spaces, garages; but these often struggle to offer a co-ordinated approach to being curious and solving the challenges that really matter. We need to give people a formal structure/process for being curious, where they can express and discuss their challenges, taking into consideration information on trends, influencers and competitors, to name but a few, which will help them surface the most valuable ones to focus on. So, how else can we create an environment that surfaces the ‘right’ challenges to an organisation?

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