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I love helping people turn their

curiosity into an advantage

by solving business 

challenges that matter.

By that I mean better products, services or experiences,

which make/save money, improve the way we live,

or in some cases contributing to humanity

more broadly and saving our

planet. It's all that matters.




In a world where everything has changed. It’s no longer business as usual, it's business is 'unusual'. Right now, I believe we are in a raging tornado of change, which is fuelling the short-term impulse to grasp the impact on society and find a way through. 

Society shock (change) is being experienced on a human and economic level…but our instinct is to survive, adapt and thrive. This can be both threatening and liberating. 

I like to ask customers I work with: are you driven by change or are you being driven by it?

I’m interested in how we can investigate people, data and machines to drive change to shape a better world, enabling humanity to be accelerated and for us all to do more than we ever dreamed possible. 

This is what I call Humanity+. 

It is a single organising thought, suggesting advancement is not just about enterprises but wider society.

We must start asking ourselves some very big questions across industry sectors, like:

How can we improve patient care?
How can we balance demand & supply from intermittent renewable power generation?

How can we make autonomous transportation safe?

The list goes on......


A perspective on being curious No.8 of 26: Ensure everyone’s creativity is laser focused

In my experience 95% of creative ideas deliver incremental value to existing products, services or experiences – it’s where organisations feel comfortable with the level of risk versus reward. The other 5% have the potential to be a ‘game-changer’ (moonshots) delivering exception value, but the risk is considered much higher; and there is nothing wrong with this. However, in recent years all the talk and buzz has mainly been about the later. This has resulted in ‘random acts

A perspective on being curious No.7 of 26: Make sure the odds are in your favour ;)

In my experience people love to solve problems/challenges and often dive straight into idea generation with their blinkers on; without considering the current situation. This is a mistake and can be costly as people get caught up in the excitement of what is possible and randomly select an area that’s going to get the ‘ideation’ treatment. I would suggest a more practical, albeit more boring approach ;), which is to start gathering insights and ethnographic data that enables

NEXT MEAL: a friend of planet earth

Most people talk about innovation purely from the perspective of solving a business challenge, with social and environmental challenges being pushed into a poor second place. However, last night was different and it was great to see! I was lucky enough to attend the launch of NEXT MEAL as a charity organisation at the House of Commons, which is helping homeless people in a very innovative, but practical way. This is innovation for the greater good of society. Click here to fi

A perspective on being curious - No.6 of 26: Fuel the journey

In ‘perspective 5’ I talked about the need to only focus on solving those challenges that we can be confident are going to positively affect a financial variable; but it’s also incredibly important to take this information and ensure proper utilization of time and resources to ‘fuel the journey’ of taking an idea through to execution. As such, there needs to be regular milestones and check-in points allowing teams and leaders to balance maximum return with an efficient use of

A perspective on being curious: No.5 of 26: Ground it in value!

In previous ‘perspectives’ I have mentioned that I feel some organisations have succumbed to pressure and allowed random acts of inno vation to take place in recent years; resulting in wasted time and resources being used on the wrong ideas. This is mainly due to ideas not being grounded in value. Before any ideas start flowing, a clear business challenge is needed, which is aligned to a specific financial variable that can be positively impacted.This means from the beginning

Don’t guess when it comes to 'innovation'…measure what u test!

Simple, right? Yes, but not everyone measures or determines what success looks like. After an 'innovation' session of some sort, how many times have you heard the following statement, “let’s do a POC, prototype, mock up or pilot”? Probably too many times. In many cases, these are conducted without proper measures in place to monitor the impact the idea has on people, resources and technology. Generating ideas is a good thing…but collecting sufficient data to understand if the

Perspective No.2 of 26: Envision the future

If you want to imagine what the future holds, I would suggest considering many factors (most of them out of your control), such as market trends, competitive intelligence and influencers that could help frame your future business. I think its time to encourage even more dialogue and collaboration beyond the confines of an organisation and its current market, allowing employees to envision the future and be even more curious about how to improve products/services; give them mo



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